Ministry of Helps,                     Shelby Young

Culinary Planning,                   Olivia Smith

Audio Production,                   Sherman Young, Jr.

Video, Social Media,              Zacara Burtch

CD, DVD, Podcast Catalog, Ty Huntley

Deacons,                                  Otto Shipman

Holidays/Special Days,          Colletta Mathis

Member Notifications,            Kilisha Young

Compassion in Action,           Mary Render

IMPACT Youth,                        Quaver Chisholm

Guest Services,                       Edna Speaks

Security,                                   Michael Speaks

Man Up,                                   Charles Chisholm

Dance,                                     Jelisia Mathis

Greeting Cards,                      Rosalie Basden

Decorations,                            Latoya Young

Birthday Group Ministry,         Mary Douglas

Visitor Follow Up,                   Leslie Kelly

Vacation Bible School,           Paulette Clark

HighPointe Cafe,                     Angela Berry

Event Hospitality,                     Rachel Reid


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